The driving force of our daily work in Anseba is customer satisfaction and the main success factor is human. Talented Artists and a great team of booking managers, tour managers and administration in Anseba are behind our company’s success. We are a socially responsible company.


We believe that help has a great strength in all of us’ s lives and having the opportunity to combine the energy of some great Artists, our Cafe and Lounge Bar but Good Music First space we are able to collect money that will help selected people struggling with serious illnesses in treatment process.

Concert for Lilka Wrześniewska 10 February 2017

During three hours, thanks to one hundred and ten good hearts, we collected PLN 5736 for Lilka Wrześniewska! This amount has been sent to the account of the Kawałek Nieba foundation with the note Lilka Wrześniewska. At 19:30, the concert began, unique and beautiful in itself, precisely because it had a simple goal – to help … For this noble goal, giving up their fee entirely, their musical participation was confirmed by wonderful Artists: Sławek Uniatowski, Nick Sinckler, Monika Pilarczyk, Lena Zuchniak, Michal Mad Mike Jablonski.

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