we offer live music and top quality.


Anseba Music Agency is a base of the most interesting music bands directed to the event market. We are the first music agency in Poland that has been consistently creating music trends in the closed events market sector since 1992.


For over 25 years, Anseba’s goal has been the continuous development of brand strength, customer orientation and the highest quality of services provided while maintaining an individual, creative approach to each team that is created in Anseba. By consistently maintaining our goals, we stand out from the competition and the company grows from year to year.


In the opinion of others, we are a company with an unwavering reputation and high recognition for the work we do. Since 2012, we have been operating in an extensive team, providing several tour managers who, during the implementation, care for the comfort of work of our clients and artists. Our booking managers guarantee quick and simple contact to be able to respond to our clients’ inquiries at any time.


We offer interesting instrumental compositions in combination with carefully selected vocalists. We invite only the best young artists awarded during numerous music festivals, among others nominees for the prestigious Frederic Prize.


Anseba is represented by educated musicians with high personal culture. In 2017, we started cooperation with selected fashionable brands who provided our singers with the most beautiful creations straight from the world’s fashion catwalks. Presence on stage is equally important to us as the personality of each artist.