Cover ManiacX Trio


The band consists of: vocals | saxophone | DJ

Possibility to enlarge the composition: vocals | piano | guitar | bass | drums saxophone.

The unique energy and wide repertoire will bring the audience to the dance floor, regardless of age! The vocalist is exceptionally charismatic African-American John known on the club market in Poland and in the world. During their performances, Cover Maniacx resemble Stevie Wonder and Bob Marley’s greatest hits, but also the latest contemporary hits of artists such as Calvin Harris, Pharrell Williams, and Justin Timberlake. This is an absolute firecracker that shone on the event market during the MP POWER AWARDS Final Gala in March 2017, bringing the crowd of 1.5 thousand not only to the dance floor, but also to the stage!

The band performed for companies such as: BMW, Phillip Morris, Polpharma, Mercedes – Benz,
Emirates Airlines, PZU, Adamed and many more..

Places: Łochów Folwark, CSW,  Kręglicki Fortress, Royal Castle, Wojanów Palace, Belvedere Restaurant, Raffles Hotel and many more..