We provide musical entertainment for corporate events, conferences and banquets. Having operated in the event industry for over twenty years we have gained a vast experience in the implementation of successful events by providing unique artistic attractions. Our mission is to promote talented artists in the music scene by providing the highest quality musical entertainment services during events. Our strength are well prepared ensembles, exceptional singers, musicians and DJs. Anseba’s clients are companies looking for interesting attractions during planned events such as Christmas parties, carnival, anniversaries, conferences, corporate events. Another target group are agencies specialising in complex organisation of events seeking professional and reliable musical entertainment services. The third group of our clients are top-class hotels, clubs and restaurants cooperating with Anseba on a regular basis.

The history of Anseba Music Agency dates back to 1990. The originator and founder of the company is Wieslawa Gonet, a trained musician and a cellist, and a graduate of the Fr. Chopin Academy of Music in Warsaw. In the initial phase of development, the company operated under the name Anseba Arts Agency and was one of the first Polish music agencies specialising in the booking of artists. The passion for music and the desire to work in the entertainment industry inspired her daughter Anna Gonet to get involved in business. After completion of her education in the field of marketing and business ethics she joined the company and from 2007 became owner of Anseba Music Agency. During its over twenty years of operation, the company has built a strong position in the market.

Our Team

Wiesława Gonet music & administration manager

Wiesława Gonet

music & administration manager

The founder and originator of one of the first musical agencies in Warsaw. The company trading as Anseba Arts Agency was established in 1990. Wieslaw Gonet is a graduate of the Fr. Chopin Academy of Music. Until 1990 she was an active musician and a cellist. For ten years she was a member of the former Warsaw Operetta Orchestra. Between 1985 and 1990 she travelled abroad as a leader and founder of several musical groups, with which she toured around the world.

Anna Gonet general manager

Anna Gonet

general manager

A keen traveller, full of energy and new ideas, her motto is "nothing is impossible". She is a graduate Academy of Management and Law in Warsaw. In 2003, she completed a year's training in the field of marketing and business ethics at the Oakton College in Illinois, USA. A year later, she decided to use her knowledge by joining the Anseba Music Agency.

Kamil Przebindowski tour manager

Kamil Przebindowski

tour manager

Jako dziecko widział siebie w branży muzycznej. Początkowo wymyślił sobie pracę w wytwórni fonograficznej, po odbyciu stażu na studiach szybko przekonał się że tym co chce robić jest praca tour managera. Pracę w Ansebie traktuje jako bogate doświadczenie i kolejny krok do realizacji swojego celu. Ukończył dwa kierunki: Zarządzanie w kulturze i sztuce na Uniwersytecie Ekonomicznym oraz Socjologię komunikacji społecznej na Uniwersytecie Śląskim. Po studiach przeniósł się do Warszawy, by móc rozwijać swoje pasje i zainteresowania.

Władek Terentiev tour manager

Władek Terentiev

tour manager

Odpowiedzialny za opiekę artystyczną podczas realizacji imprez z udziałem naszych zespołów muzycznych. Jest sumienny i zaangażowany. Dba o to by nasi Artyści czuli się bezpiecznie i komfortowo.

We have booked our artists for:



Wieloletnie doświadczenie w branży rozrywkowej zmobilizowało nas do stworzenia własnej ekipy technicznej, która zna oczekiwania naszych artystów oraz kontrahentów.


Good sound is the key to the successful performance of our artists. Therefore, bearing this in mind we have engaged a professional technical crew to provide the so important sound quality. We are in position to offer all the peripheral sound equipment needed to handle any sort of event.


We provide lights handling services for handling all kinds of events. We have an experienced technical crew, which offers both discrete static light as well as mobile intelligent devices and lights required during concerts or other events such as fashion shows, discussion panels, conferences and speeches.



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Concert Coordinator

Kamil Przebindowski
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Music&Administration manager

Wiesława Gonet
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